Who are we?

Offer a global expertise to your lighting project

In partnerships with over 100 worldwide manufacturers and an exclusive choice of brands, LUXOCEA is your partner between the lighting producer’s impressive creativity and all of your project’s specificities.

LUXOCEA is the essential link between the tremendous creativity of lighting manufacturers and all the specific features of your projects.
LUXOCEA offers a global approach to your naval or land projects:

  • Advice and studies thanks to the intervention of qualified lighting engineers,
  • A very diverse range of products from catalog products to custom-made lighting
  • Economic, technical and logistical solutions adapted to your expectations,
  • A truly effcient after-sales service.

Long-term relationship, quality, environment, performance.

Our care for the environment leads us to only develop reusable products.

In case of LED failure or damage, our clients are able to simply change the defected part. We engage to offer a LED replacement solution for 20 years after delivery.

LUXOCEA is a family-run company based on a long-term relationship, quality, environment care and performance.

Our management recognizes the difference as a wealth. This is why we are pleased to associate our success each member of our wonderful team in addition to our contributing subcontractors working for insertion of disabled persons and prisoners.

Every year, LUXOCEA humbly gives back through their philanthropy project maintained by their team and clients.

Running any company is a human adventure. Ours began with the assistance and help from the late John Nicholls.